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Tricia Dempsey/Agile Tricia entered the IT staffing industry in 1996, serving in a variety of recruiting leadership positions before starting Agile Resources in 2003. She has worked with clients from Fortune 100 companies to mid-market and emerging organizations. Tricia’s experience in technology staffing and professional services extends to industries including healthcare, financial services, media, technology, … [more]

A.B. Short/Encore Professional Services A.B. Short served as CEO of MedShare from 1998 to 2011. He co-founded the non-profit organization in Decatur, Georgia. Under his guidance, MedShare has evolved into one of the leading medical supply recovery organizations in the United States. To date, MedShare has donated over $60 million worth of medical supplies and … [more]

Rebecca Hood/Portland VA Medical Center Rebecca Hood is a Research Assistant with the Portland VA Medical Center at Oregon Health & Science University. Her duties include: studying potential Parkinson’s therapies in a progressive mouse model of Parkinson’s disease in both young and aged mice; performing motor behavioral testing of mice to evaluate efficacy of treatments; using … [more]

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